A fashion health monitor Ring, iHeal Ring is now on sale at half price

A fashion health monitor Ring, iHeal Ring is now on sale at half price

When health meets fashion, the perfect combination of ceramic and stainless steel come together to shape the iHeal Ring. The iHeal series upline has broken new ground with the introduction of its first health monitor ring, iHeal Ring. It’s a fitness tracker dedicated to providing a more comfortable way to monitor your health.

Weighing in at just 5g and 3.3mm thick, the iHeal ring is very comfortable and also passes IP68 waterproofing so it can be worn in the shower and while swimming. You can also use it as an accessory, hang it on your backpack or put it inside your clutch.

Built with multiple sensors, the iHeal Ring can be used for 24/7 health tracking, enabling users to determine their heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) and exercise tracking. More features are listed below.

  • Motion Measurement
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Multi-sport mode
  • Heart Rate Measurement
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Oximetry
  • Automatic health monitoring
  • Activity information data saving
  • Historical data saving time
  • Low battery shutdown
  • OTA upgrade
  • Auto Recovery Function
  • Self-test function
  • Fast and slow broadcast switching function
  • Clear data after zero point

The Smart Ring has a battery life of up to 7 days in normal use and up to 30 days in standby mode. There is also a power-bank-base option that can recharge the ring up to 20 times for a total battery life of up to 100 days.

The new iHeal Health Monitor Ring can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. The suggested retail price is $199.99. However, a $100 discount is offered at launch, which means that the $99.99 price tag is currently about half the suggested retail price. The smart ring is available in black or white and in 4 different sizes ranging from 15.4 mm to 21.5 mm.

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